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Dispute all Inaccuracies; They Steal from your score

Is there something on your credit report that is not correct? Perhaps it is an address you never lived at?

Maybe, it is a credit account you never opened? The fact is – even the credit bureaus are not perfect. A single error can occur based on your name’s spelling or an incorrect number in your social security number. If something has been associated with your personal information, then you could find your credit report filled with inaccurate data.

There is an individual who, when she looks up her name, is associated with a 60+ individual and she is only in her 30s. It has to do with her name and a previous address being in the same town. It is not fair for the association to be made, but it has been, so now the person has to make certain all recorded information on her credit reports is only associated with places she has lived, companies she has allowed to run her credit, and the credit accounts she has opened.

Credit disputes are not a new issue. Since the time the credit bureaus were formed to assess credit history and provide a score, credit disputes have occurred. The current credit reporting agencies have evolved from the 1950s. At the time, three companies in the Tristate (Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) area were just called the Bureaus. Their function was the same – to track consumer behavior, focusing primarily on bank, retailer, and finance company information. Now more credit disputes are occurring because of the sheer number of products available and the electronic system through which creditors report.

You can think of this as a second step to removing hindrances from your credit reports. Hindrances can also be under the guise of disputes, as long as you are not lying about the information you want removed. It is also very rare for any inaccuracy to actually help your credit score. The only way it can help is if the account is in good standing and it is an older item that is considered a “better” credit account to have.

How it Works

Anytime you receive a physical copy of your credit report from any agency and it has an inaccurate detail, you can fill out the dispute section that came with the paperwork. You will need to use the entire space available, and if necessary, write an addendum to explain your request and proof of the inaccuracy.

The credit bureau(s) will assess the details, determine the validity, and remove the incorrect item as long as there is sufficient evidence.

It can take up to three months for the removal to occur. For some things, such as an incorrect address associated with your account or a phone number, it can take even longer.

The credit bureaus are worried about miss-assigned debt versus the accuracy of your telephone numbers or addresses. One person had to write five times before an incorrect address was removed from his credit report.One person had to write five times before an You also don’t want to leave anything incorrect on incorrect address was removed from his credit report.

A Quicker Alternative

If you have already accessed your credit report via an incorrect usage of an address and access to your credit online portal such as Credit Karma, Credit Report, or directly through the bureaus, then you can file an online dispute.

The dispute works the same way. You provide all inaccurate data, the proof of why it is wrong, and ask for it • There are two methods to dispute an to be removed, incorrect item.

For some this is easier because you don’t have to • Incorrect items can negatively affect your worry about mailing in the documents, you can just submit score.

Incorrect information will bring down your credit score when it affects your credit history and amount owed.Addresses and phone numbers are less likely to affect your score, unless through these inaccuracies credit accounts become associated with your history and accounts.

You also don’t want to leave anything incorrect on your score in the unlikely event that someone can glean information from it. Identity thieves can use an address or phone number to affect your credit, all it takes is one incorrect usage of an address and access to your credit report to trick a company into making a huge sale in your name.


  • There are two methods to dispute an incorrect item.
  • Incorrect items can negatively affect your score.
  • Inaccuracies need to be removed.
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Steven Millstein

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