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Whether you’re moving for work or just to enjoy the year-round great weather, San Francisco is a town worth considering. If you’ve already made the choice, read on for a few suggestions on what to do your first few days to get to know your new hometown.

Unpack and relax

Even if you’ve just moved across the bay, swapping one home for another is an exhausting experience. Take some time to get your house or apartment together before you step out into the big wide world. You’ll be less stressed if you don’t leave and return to a mess. Don’t forget to recycle your moving boxes so that you can help keep the City by the Bay beautiful.

Pamper your pet

If you’ve moved with one or more dogs, let them stretch their legs on a tour of the town with one of the area’s many certified dog walkers. This will give them the opportunity to get to know the sights and smells and will help you establish a relationship with a trusted pet care professional right off the bat. Soon, you and Spot will feel at home and can check out Rincon Hill, Crissy Field, and the other dog-friendly parks that dot the landscape.

Gather your groceries (without leaving the house)

One of the biggest benefits of city life is having access to other people to do your dirty work. Grocery shopping, a necessary task that no one enjoys, can be outsourced to Amazon Fresh, Good Eggs, InstaCart, or Safeways. Depending on which option you choose, delivery is anywhere from free to $13 or more but the added cost will save you a few hours in time, which is more valuable than ever in the days after a move.

Getting to know the city

Once you’re unpacked, you can begin to explore. There are a number of shopping malls scattered throughout the city along with interesting neighborhoods and must-see landmarks. Union Square features everything from home decor to cosmetics and is anchored by a number of big box department stores including Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Noteworthy neighborhoods include the Marina District, which tends to cater to a young, hip crowd with its trendy salons and bay side nightlife, and Chinatown, when you’re ready for a little culture and the best Chinese food you’ve ever had. No mention of San Francisco would be complete without pointing out Fisherman’s Wharf. Although a major tourist attraction, the wharf features a few of the finest dining establishments in the city. Alioto’s, which is the #8 restaurant in San Fran, service up plenty of fresh, local seafood with a Sicilian twist. Pier 39 is also worth checking out for its views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. This is the area you’ll want to get to know so you can show off everything San Francisco has to offer to friends and family when they come to visit.

Schools, power, and healthcare

The San Francisco Unified School District encompasses dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools along with early education and Montessori programs. There is an application process for enrollment but you are not limited to the academic institution closest to your home. Visit SFUSD.edu for more information regarding residency and age requirements, midyear transfers, and required immunizations. In addition to an excellent education, San Francisco offers top-notch healthcare at dozens of hospitals and clinics throughout the city. The U.S. News & World Report recently named UCSF Medical Center as the #1 hospital in town and #9 in the nation for pediatric specialties. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFWater.org) is your first and most reliable source for utilities information for water, sewer, and power services.

While San Francisco isn’t known for being the least expensive place to live, its many amenities, friendly people, exploding tech industry, and involved leadership makes it one of the best values on the West Coast. Welcome home!

San Francisco

Steven Millstein

Steven Millstein

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