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Payment consistency and debt reduction, increase your scores.

There has never been a time when multiple monthly payments were bad for your credit score and credit “appearance.” However, financial experts started pushing the multiple payment strategy in the last 8 years when several people started suffering from financial setbacks. It was determined that people had to learn that their high debt was killing their scores. For those with the means to correct their situation quickly, making multiple monthly payments started to seem like one of the best strategies available for credit repair.

It is not the multiple payment that makes a big deal. You are only reported as having made the payment on time or “missed/late” with payments. So the frequency, in this respect doesn’t matter.

In fact, you could make a huge payment once a month to your credit accounts and still increase your credit score, just as making two payments will increase your score. It is about reducing the amount you owe that helps increase your overall credit score.

There is another factor to consider in making more payments. You may not be able to learn when your creditor reports your payment history. Some companies report your credit history once a month, but that may be mid—cycle. If you make a payment mid-cycle, then you are reported in good standing. If you accidentally fall between the reporting cycle for the month with your last month’s payment and the new month’s payment, you could be miss-reported to the bureaus. You want to look favorable, always.

How it Works

  • Set up an automatic payment to come out on or around the due date.
  • In the middle of the month or a few weeks after your typical payment, set up a second payment.
  • If you can, make a payment each week to the credit account.

Keeping on top of payments is not only helpful for building your credit score back up, but it helps you keep to a routine to ensure that you are never going to miss or make a late payment again.


  • This works for revolving accounts.
  • It can also work on installment agreements.
  • By making more payments you are reducing the “amount owed.”

This strategy is particularly helpful for individuals who tend to miss payments or make late payments each month. When you get into a routine to pay more after your typical payment, set up a second .frequently, the debt is always on your mind. You will stop missing those payment dates because you are striving towards a goal of making the debt smaller, more quickly.

Steven Millstein

Steven Millstein

Steven is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Credit Counselor (CCC) and joined CreditRepairExpert in June 2016 as a Credit Repair Adviser to continue his mission of making a difference in the world. Everyday, Steven speaks with individuals and families in the online credit repair community to answers questions and offer help people on their journey to repair their credit rating. If you have a story idea for Steven or you would like help with credit repair, please email him at
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