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Mission and how CreditRepairExpert.org works

CreditRepairExpert.org is a free online resource for learning credit repair and how to build and maintain a great credit score.

Our goal is to help empower our readers to take control of their financial situation and reach their financial goals.

About the Founder and Editor in Cheif, Steven Millstein

Steven Millstein

Steven Millstein is a credit repair industry veteran of more than 10 years. He practiced as a credit repair adviser and has also previously worked at one of the big three credit bureaus. He started this website as a way to give back and share the knowledge he has learned throughout his career to help you repair and improve your credit score. He’s based in San Francisco, CA and is the father of two wonderful children.

Your credit score is your biggest asset, and yet for many, it is also the least understood. So after 10  years of helping others successfully rehabilitate their credit scores, he decided to create this website. His own story goes back 15 years. At the time, he was working in a firm that developed accounting software. He was responsible for the entire “general ledger” of the development firm. While the pay was great and it was considered a good job by his family and friends, it was just not him. He yearned for more, became frustrated and eventually made the decision to leave and try my luck as an entrepreneur.

One of the first things he did was to make a budget for his new venture and immediately focused on the funding he would need. So he put on his best suit and trotted off to the bank to seek financing for the business. His business plan was solid. He had extensive knowledge and experience in the work he would be doing. He studied how to write a bank proposal. Getting a loan was the least of his worries.

He couldn’t have been more wrong! The bank ran a credit check on him and denied the loan. He went to two more banks. The second also denied, and the third would only partially fund his business start-up and even then the loan would be at a very high-interest rate.

The problem was his credit report and credit score. It wasn’t terrible, but it had numerous small incidences, like a few late payments, a closed phone account that still had a small balance, and a list of former addresses that were not his and could not be verified.

While he did make a late payment from time to time, he always paid. And he always assumed that was good enough as far as his credit situation was concerned. He had no idea that a late payment got attached to his credit report for years, and multiple ones were deadly.

While these were accidental and not intentional, it felt like he had committed a crime. But in a way, he had. The crime was being ignorant about his credit status and how credit works. The crime was against him. He was the one paying the price for it.

He was frustrated, embarrassed, and devastated that all his plans were on hold because of a few missed payments. Worse, he had to swallow his pride and head back to his job, tail between his legs. At that moment he made a pledge that this would never happen to him again. Never! From that day on, he made myself an expert on the subtleties and complexities of the credit system and how to repair and keep raising my credit score. He then spent the next 10 years helping others do the same.

During those early years of research, he found that my credit score had a profound impact on numerous parts of his life. Most of us now know that it can affect getting loans credit cards and low-interest rates. But the scariest part was learning the effect it had on things he never thought of, such as getting a cell phone, or determining if he could post a bail bond for a family member. Trust me, the last thing you want is to have a son or daughter sitting in a jail cell with a bunch of hardened criminals and you couldn’t get them out because your credit score wasn’t high enough. The list of ways his credit score could affect my life was endless.

And his efforts worked. His FICO credit score has been well above 800 every year for the last 10 years, as well as always in the top 2% of all credit scores in the nation. Heck, his score is higher than billionaire Warren Buffett’s. Recently, Fortune Magazine reported that Buffett had a FICO score of 718. In spite of all his wealth, Buffett could take a lesson from the readers of this website when it comes to improving a credit score.

But this is not about me bragging about his score: actually it is the last time we will write about it on this website. What it is about is that he is living proof that anyone can significantly increase their credit score. Knowing the right tips, tricks and how it works is the secret and on this website, you have the tools to improve your credit situation. Even if your score is already solid, these tips will improve and raise it.

He spent 10 years researching, testing, and proving these methods – they work. In this website, you will find not only all the tools that are commonly used by the best credit repair agencies, but you will also find numerous creative and cutting edge techniques that I have not seen anywhere else.

For example, many credit repair agencies and advice books tell you how to get rid of a negative mark on your credit report, but they don’t tell you that in many cases it will just show up again in the next month or two. I can’t count the number of people who have told us they paid hundreds of dollars to the wrong credit repair company to remove negative information, only to find it reappear after the credit repair company had gone away! If you do wish the pursue the option of using a credit repair service then we guide you through which are companies are legitimate and actually follow our best practices.

Throughout this website, we give concrete information not only on how to remove the negative marks but also pointers for getting rid of the underlying issues causing the negative marks so they do not reappear. For example, if you have a student loan that has defaulted, we provide information about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program which, when enacted, can forgive your loan balance. If you get rid of the loan balance, you no longer have to worry about how it will affect your credit. And if your credit problems are from a court order, such as tax liens, bankruptcies or wage garnishments, we offer pointers for dealing with the courts such as the IRS Fresh Start initiative which will allow you to permanently remove a lien from your credit report.

For the first time, we are divulging his “secrets” from years of experience in getting credit scores to skyrocket, all in an easy to understand format. On this website, we simplify the process and take you by the hand to show you step-by-step how to fast track improving your credit score with a minimal amount of work and headaches.

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