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Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

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Sky Blue Credit Repair has been a major player in the business for over 26 years now. It has a pretty good reputation for providing results at a reachable price. One of their main traits is the customer service that is faster and better than other competitors.

It takes a lot of effort to be the best and they have managed so by analyzing all the methods of disputing credit items to find out which one is the best. Then, they apply the methods and focus their services on them. This has resulted in, what they believe to be, a winning formula that gives the best results quickly and not too expensive. To see if this all is true, we had to test all aspects of the company. This is what we found out.

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Customer Service

Sky Blue Credit Support & Service

Since the firm claims to have one of the best customer support & services, we had to put it to the test. We called the customer support a couple of times. The representatives from the company are very professional and responsive. They gave us accurate information over the phone and they answered our emails very quickly. One can be sure to get transparent and good information really quickly, which is a plus.

If you don’t know enough about credit and finances, the company will provide some education on the topic. The coverage is not that great, it is lower than average, but you can find blog posts that aim to help you understand exactly how credit repair works and how to regain and stay in control of your finances.

After you understood how everything works, the expert advisers will analyze the details of your credit report and give you tips on how to improve it. The experts will point out all of the compliance issues that are hard to spot and that affect your credit scores.

All the clients get a 90-day guarantee. If you are not happy during your first 90 days of membership, They offer a full money-back guarantee. That rarely happens because the company has a customized solution for each individual case. So, what are the costs of their services?

Sky Blue Credit Cost & Fees 

Their fees are correct and reachable. Compared to the cost of other services, their prices are lower. The monthly fee for their services is $59. It is charged at the end of each month and there is a one-time setup fee that you have to pay in the beginning. It also costs $59.

The company does offer a good couples discount of 17% on both, the monthly fee and the setup costs. A third-party is needed to pull your credit report through, but that is free of charge, and they also offer the 90-day refund guarantee. We have to say that these prices are correct, but they may vary depending on the situation of every client. There are no termination fees or penalties, so you don’t have to worry.


Sky Blue Credit Time Frame

The average time that clients spend working with the company is six months. The length of the program depends on the situation of each credit rate. The company claims to add from 100 to 200 points to your credit score with their services. Again, this depends and may vary depending on the credit report and the situation you are in. If your credit report is proven to be negative by credit bureaus, nothing can be done.

Once they begin disputing items on your credit report, you should start seeing some results within the first month. They usually dispute 15 items on the report in three of the biggest credit bureaus at the same time. You can come across other companies that dispute all of your items at the same time in order to get the biggest possible improvement really quickly, while others dispute a fraction of items because they don’t want to be refused. Sky Blue’s approach is somewhere in the middle. They aim to dispute as many items as possible without overwhelming the bureaus.

Program Details

Sky Blue Credit Program Details

They do have fewer program features compared to other credit repair companies, but their quality is better. They work with a third party reporting bureaus that deal with monitoring and credit reports. Clients are provided with links to their services like pulling your credit for you and monitoring the entire process. These services can be canceled whenever the client chooses. Instead of working with the client’s creditors, Sky Blue Credit Repair works only with the credit bureaus. That could result in credit hits on your report.

Also, this company doesn’t offer to pay for delete negotiations like others. That means that clients can’t pay off legitimate charges, so the creditor will not be able to remove hits from your credit report.



The company offers a great couples discount


Clients get a 90-day money back guarantee




Clients have to hire a third-party service to pull their credits and monitor them



  • Support & Service
  • Customer satisfaction
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According to customer reviews and our own experience, Sky Blue offers a great customer service. The response to emails is quick and the information they provide is transparent and accurate. If a client has a hard time understanding his credit report, the company offers some education aiming to help you get back in control of your broken finances.

Apart from a very good customer service, the company also offers good couples discounts. If a client signs up with a partner seeking the credit repair services, the setup fee, and the monthly fee will be cut back by 17%, which is great.

The atypical thing with this company is the fact that they only work with the third-party credit bureaus instead of working directly with the creditors. That isn’t that much of a problem, but the credit repair service can be less effective, compared to other companies (like Lexington Law) that work with both parties. Also, their approach to disputing charges is quick, but it could be faster.

The bottom line is that they offer a quality service for a reasonable price, but if you are not satisfied with the results, the 90-day money-back guarantee will refund you right away.