Credit Saint Review April 2023

The task of improving your credit is an important one. Taking it on yourself may be an option, but the process is tricky and time-consuming.

Therefore, many choose to use a credit repair company. It’s usually best to have professionals look for errors on your report and submit them to the bureaus. This gives you a greater chance of improving your score.

But which company should you go with? You want to avoid scams and find services that deliver results.

In this Credit Saint review, we’re going to take a look at this credit repair company in depth. Are its services legit? Is it the right company for your credit repair needs?

Read on for a thorough overview of Credit Saint.

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An Introduction to Credit Saint

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Credit Saint is a New Jersey-based credit repair company. Throughout its 15 years of operation, it has served numerous clients across the country.

Its long-standing reputation has led the company to receive accreditations from notable organizations such as Consumers Advocate and Consumer Affairs.

Perhaps most notably, the company has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. This rating is hard to achieve for any business, let alone a credit repair business.

Its Slogan

One unique thing about Credit Saint lies in its slogan. It claims that “What you don’t know CAN hurt you.”

This emphasizes the company’s focus on educating its customers. Its professionals want to help people understand their credit, improve it, and prevent future issues.

How Much Does Credit Saint’s  Services Cost?

When looking for a credit repair company, the cost is probably among your top concerns. You don’t want to pay too little as you will likely get low-quality services. You also don’t want to have to break the bank.

So, how much do Credit Saint’s services cost?

The company offers three different packages. They all include access to your online portal, toll-free support, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and the ability to cancel anytime.

The packages vary in price and how aggressive they are when it comes to repairing your credit. Here is a breakdown of each:


Credit Polish

This plan is the most basic and has a medium aggressiveness.

Experts will clean up minor errors in your report. Some items they can challenge include:

This plan’s first work fee is $99.00; after that, you’ll pay $79.99 per month.

Credit Repair

This package includes all of the services from the Credit Polish package.

Because it has a high aggressiveness, this package challenges repossessions and bankruptcies. You’ll also have access to escalated information requests.

In short, these services will help you tackle more severe issues in your report. Like with the previous plan, you’ll pay a first work fee of $99.00. The monthly fee comes to $99.99 per month.

Clean State

Those with major credit issues usually opt for the Clean State package. With an aggressiveness of “very high,” this package tackles the most challenging disputes.

In addition to everything the company offers, the Clean Slate package provides a dispute avalanche service.

The more intensive approach means this plan is a bit pricier. The first work fee is $195.00; then, you’ll pay $119.99 per month.

Credit Saint Prices
An overview of the three different packages which Credit Saint offer.


How Does Credit Saint’s Prices Compare to Other Companies? 

When analyzing its competitors, like Sky Blue Credit Repair,  Credit Saint is on the slightly pricier end.

Most similar services also have an initial setup fee, with some companies being as low as $10. Credit Saint’s first work fees, however, range from $99.00 to $195.00.

The company’s monthly fees are also on the more expensive side. Its monthly fees range from $79.99 to $195.00, while some other services cost anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00 per month.


Is It Worth the Price?

Some people may shy away from Credit Saint because of its price. Its higher costs, however, are a good sign.

Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. When you hire this company, you get honest, reliable credit repair services that will likely improve your score.

Paying for these professional services will save you money in the long run. With an improved credit score, you’ll have access to low-interest loans, more job opportunities, etc.


How Credit Saint Operates

Before working with a credit repair company, you’ll want to know how it operates.

Here’s what you can expect when hiring Credit Saint.

Assigning Your Personal Consultancy Team

When you sign up for the company’s services, it will assign you a personal consultancy team. This group of professionals will oversee every step of the process:

  • They start by going over your report with you.
  • They’ll analyze your situation, spot errors, and inform you of how they can improve your score.
  • You’ll also receive personalized advice on how you can raise your credit.

Disputing Errors

After the initial consultation, your team gets to work.

Its professionals will contact creditors and bureaus to dispute errors. They write dispute letters specific to your situation to best fight inaccurate or negative items.

The team will cater their approach depending on the kinds of errors on your report and the package you signed up for. No matter which package you get, the company will dispute an unlimited number of errors.

When it comes to removing late payments and other minor errors, the team will just keep disputing them. For bankruptcies, repossessions, etc., it will employ a more aggressive approach.

Constantly Evaluating Your Report 

Every 45 days, the company prepares one round of disputes. At the end of this cycle, it will ensure that the changes went through and reevaluate your report.

How the Company Improves Your Credit

Their team will handle all interactions with creditors and the bureaus. Its professionals have years of experience with these dealings, giving you the best chance of improving your score.

They will take on disputes stemming from a variety of sources. For instance, some errors are honest mistakes on the part of bureaus. They may list a loan on your report that belongs to someone else with a similar name.

Other errors, however, are due to unscrupulous activity. Criminals conducting identity theft take out loans or open accounts under your name. When they don’t pay them off, this can cause your score to crash.

No matter what caused the error, Credit Saint commits itself to improve your score.

How the Company Improves Your Financial Situation

When Credit Saint helps improve a customer’s score, they see many benefits to their financial situation.

For one, they have an easier time qualifying for low-interest loans. Those with a lower score may be able to get loans, but they are usually stuck with high-interest rates. If your score is too low, lenders may not want to give you a loan at all.

A higher credit score can also mean that you have better job opportunities. These days, it’s common for employers to check your score as part of their background check. They want to see that you are trustworthy and responsible.

If you have a high score, more employers will be willing to hire you.

Receive Professional Advice

In addition to disputing errors, Credit Saint provides professional advice. Its experts will advise you on how you can take action to improve your score.

For instance, if you have high credit utilization, they will advise you to diversify your loan types, open different lines of credit, etc.

How Long Will It Take to See Results? 

As we mentioned above, the company submits one round of disputes every 45 days. Many customers see progress in this first cycle.

However, it may take a little longer to see results. Its team may have to go back and forth with the bureaus, provide additional documentation, etc.

Compliance with the Law

Many laws regulate credit repair services. This is to protect the consumer from scams that can lower their score.

Unfortunately, despite all of these legal protections, there are many scams out there. Some companies take your money and are unable to provide results. Even worse is when companies use underhanded, illegal tactics to try to improve your score.

Credit Saint is anything but a scam. Its professionals comply with the law and deliver real results. The company adheres to laws such as:

  • Creating a clear contract when you sign up
  • Being transparent about its cancellation policies
  • Not collecting payment until it has performed the services in the contract

Managing Your Expectations

Through our findings and others’ reviews, we’ve determined that Credit Saint is a legit credit repair company.

However, it’s important to manage your expectations. So, let’s take a look at what the company CANNOT do.

Credit Saint Won’t Dispute Accurate Items on Your Report

Let’s say you have multiple late payments on your report. If they were your fault, no credit repair company could get them removed. Those that claim otherwise are likely pulling a scam.

Time is the only thing that will remove your own mistakes from your report. In the meantime, you can improve your credit by disputing inaccurate items and practicing good financial habits.

Credit Saint is transparent about what it can do. It doesn’t promise to boost your score by removing accurate items from your report.

During your consultation, the company’s professionals will outline what they can do. They will inform you that they can only dispute inaccuracies and provide advice for improving your score.

If Credit Saint claimed to be able to dispute accurate items, it would be wise to stay far, far away. But, because the company is honest in its dealings, you can be assured you’re getting trustworthy credit repair services.

No Guarantees

Credit Saint cannot guarantee that it will raise your score by a certain amount in a specific timeframe. This is good, as it is illegal for credit repair companies to do so!

Credit Saint FAQs

You should know as much as possible about a credit repair company before signing up.

If you have more questions concerning Credit Saint before signing up, see below.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Simply fill out the company’s online form or call its toll-free number (877-637-2673).

When you sign up, you receive a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll get to go over your report with experts and see if their services are right for you.

What is the cancellation policy?

By law, all credit repair companies must be clear about their cancellation policies.

Credit Saint is in compliance with this law with its cancel-anytime policy. This is great as you won’t have to give notice if you have to cancel.

Whether you don’t need the services anymore, can’t afford them, etc., it’s easy to cancel. You just have to call the toll-free number or send an email notifying them of your cancellation.

What’s the customer service like?

Credit Saint has very good customer service. You can reach the company at its toll-free number or through email. Its representatives get back to you promptly and keep you in the loop. They are also willing to answer any questions you have about your report and its services.

Another great feature is the company’s online portal. You get to log in and keep track of your disputes’ statuses. This allows you to be in-the-know on your terms.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the service? 

With the company’s proven results, it’s unlikely you’ll be unsatisfied with its services.

But, in the event its professionals do not remove items from your report within 90 days, you are entitled to a full refund.

This policy doesn’t just ensure you don’t waste your money. It promotes trust among consumers who see that the company has confidence in its abilities.

90 Day Guarantee
Credit Saint offers a robust 90-day money-back guarantee which provides peace of mind. 

Are other people satisfied with the company? 

Credit Saint has built a great reputation for itself. It receives positive reviews on reputable websites such as Consumers Advocate and Consumer Affairs.

For 15 years, the company has helped improve its customers’ scores. It has no instances of fraud, scams, or anything of the sort.

Due to Credit Saint’s customer satisfaction, compliance with the law, and honest practices, we confidently recommend the service to anyone who wants to improve their score.

Visit today to get a free consultation when you sign up.

Still not sure? Make sure to check out our recommendations for the top credit repair services that we did in order to find more information about other options!

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