Review (2021) claims to be a credit repair company that is different from all others. The company has been up and running for fifteen years now and their goal is not only identifying bad credit items and disputing them with the credit bureaus. They are looking to make a difference in the client’s credit-using habits. That way, client’s credit scores will rise gradually and stay higher than they were when the clients came looking for help to fix their credit.

This way, clients that choose to work with get a tutorial on how to make changes that will last a lifetime and a great chance to improve their financial standings. Their special education program aims to give clients all of the information needed to do so.

With many years of proven credit repair success and the fact that they work to improve client’s credit ratings, you might want to see what their competitors offer if you want to focus on repairing your credit scores. Support & Service

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The first thing about any reputable credit repair company we always check out is the customer support service. We have contacted them on several occasions during a period of a couple of days. The firm was totally unresponsive to emails, but we were able to reach them over the phone. All of the information received from the representatives was transparent and accurate, matching the info on the company’s website.

We were disappointed by the fact that no one answered our emails and that the representatives didn’t follow up with questions and details during the phone conversation. That is why we have to give this business a low customer service score.

However, their website’s interface has some great client-friendly features like the option to view the firm’s results and answer questions like “how does credit repair work” and what approach they take to credit restoration. Clients can also download a program to their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to monitor the firm’s progress with credit bureaus.

Once clients sign and ask the company to pull their credit reports, they will need to identify the problematic items. Then, the company invites them to revise their credit behavior and make changes that lead to a poor credit rating while working with the credit bureaus to improve their score.

If clients take steps to improve their behavior and the company confirms that to the credit bureaus, the client’s credit history will improve further. Clients are also offered to use the three-step program. This program is established individually for every case, aiming to check and challenge the client’s habits, ultimately helping them handle their credit in the future.

The supplementary education program is great. offers plenty of educational resources and topics related to credit management and finances. Other companies offer education as well, but this firm wants to make sure that clients keep a good credit report once the negative history has been removed. Cost & Fees 

You’re probably now wondering how much does cost? They charge a flat monthly fee for its services. The fee is $99.95 per month, which makes this company one of them most expensive, but the advantage is that there is no setup fee. Also, if clients sign up as a couple, each of them receives a $50 discount on their first payment or $100 off.

The company pulls credit reports for clients, which costs $14.99. Apart from these, there are no additional fees, but the company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. The price of their services stays the same for all clients, no matter what their situation might be. Time Frame

The average time spent in their program is four months, but that depends on the client’s situation. Most clients receive 40 points on their credit scores, which makes this company mediocre compared to others. The results also vary due to the client situation and their credit report. The firm usually disputes all of the items at the same time, after revising them with clients. Results could be expected between 30 and 60 days.

Usually, the firm removes over eleven negative items from clients credit reports. That makes their performance a bit above the average. Program Details offers various program features that can help clients with their credit repair. The firm will pull the credit report for you, for a small fee. If a client is not satisfied with the service, he can cancel them at any time without a penalty.They work with creditors and credit bureaus at the same time, and clients get the option to monitor their credit and an identity theft protection.


  • The company offers extensive and detailed client education on topics related to handling credit and finances
  • Couples get a $100 discount ($50 each) on their first month
  • Exceptional BBB score
  • The program lasts for four months on average


  • Customer service is not responsive enough
  • No money-back guarantee
  • The prices are very high (relatively)
  • The percentage of negative item removal rate is average


Summary is a company that has a pretty long history and a good credit repair record. Their best trait is their client-friendly web portal which has full support for mobile devices. Apart from fixing bad credit reports and removing negative items from them, the company puts client education among their priorities. They offer an extensive and detailed program to re-educate clients on how to handle their credits better, thus helping them to stay in control in the future. A quick search for ‘better business bureau credit repair companies’ or will reveal that the BBB rating is A+, which is an excellent result and makes them safe to work with.

One of the biggest setbacks with this firm is the price of their services. They are ranked as one of the most expensive and there is no money-back guarantee. The average negative item removal rate in the first three months of service is 21%. That is a good score, but other companies have higher percentages and some of them are cheaper.

Considering all the aspects, they are a solid credit repair company, but it isn’t the best. It is meant for clients that can afford it and those whom to learn about how credit works. Before deciding to go with this firm, clients should see what others have to offer, but overall, it is safe to work with. Also, make sure to check the rest of the best credit repair companies in order to find more information and other options!

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