Pyramid Credit Repair Review (2020)

Founded and registered in July 2010, Pyramid Credit Repair has sought to establish itself as a leading company as far as credit repair is concerned. Their experts work tirelessly to assist you to raise your credit score while providing you with information that you can use to be a better manager of your finances.

A simple and clear three-step plan for credit recovery is available on the company’s website to indicate how all this works out.

A choice will first need to be made between the singles or the couple’s plan. This will help to determine the number of users that can have access to your account. The couple’s account will cost you $198  per month. A 50% discount is given to couples for the first month. For the singles account, it’s only $99 per month, comparably lower than most credit repair companies of its kind. However, payments are not made before the work has been performed and rendered. A personal account manager will be assigned to you to help you navigate through your account.

From your Dispute Manager account, you’ll be able to communicate, view analyses and results in real-time and keep track of your score. A plan that is custom-tailored will be set up with the help of the database that the account is connected with. Access to this account will be immediately available upon registration.

A Pyramid Care Package will then be sent to you via mail to “pass-it-forward”. A toolkit, as well as a simple USB card, is present in this package. Credit sources will meanwhile have to deal with the specialists concerning any information on your report that has not been presented correctly. Your family or a close friend can have access to the contents of your package.

Many of the company’s clients start receiving their results in less than two months. This is according to their website. The quality of the results, however, matters to determine whether they offer the best option for the detection of reports that are full of error.

Pyramid Credit Repair Plans
                                                                       The two plans which Pyramid Credit Repair offer.

Credit Scores and How They Can Be Repaired

A credit score is used to determine whether you will be able to pay your bills on time or whether they will be overdue. A better score is indicated if you have a higher number. It is used by mortgage lenders, credit card companies and providers of insurance.

The history of your credit and the data there has a great influence on this. The accounts that you have opened and closed, the time that they have been active, the time when your payments have been made in the past, how your credit accounts vary and the balances on your accounts are other factors that are put under consideration. Maintenance of low balances and payment of bills on time ensures that one obtains a higher credit compared to someone who doesn’t satisfy the required factors.

Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are the three credit bureaus that are widely known for reporting the scores. Different factors are used by each of them to come up with the scores. The difference between the scores between them is however quite negligible.

The score of an individual can be affected negatively if the bureaus inaccurate, obsolete and unverifiable information.

We then look at what Pyramid does to help improve the credit repair process. Valuable information from one of the company’s representatives can help to make an informed decision quite simple and straight-forward.

A Dispute Manager helps you to determine whether you made the right choice by opening an account with Pyramid based on your credit goals. Before signing up, they will help you go through a qualification step to help determine this. Once you’ve signed up (absolutely free of charge), a suitable time will be set aside so that you can go through the report with the Dispute Manager to clearly understand the situation of your credit. In case you find out that there has been not any progress from the company’s services, the 90-day refund policy that is available could be considered.

The representative further informed us that a game plan is put in place and realistic expectations are set based on the information that has been obtained from the report. An agreement will then be made between you and the Pyramid in the event that you choose to carry on with the credit repair services.

Letters addressed to different bureaus and creditors will be drafted and results are received less than two months after they have been sent. An online dashboard is available in case you want to check the status. It is also possible to be in contact with your manager through your online portal, text messaging, email and/or phone. Subsequent assessments are carried out upon each round of results, with one goal objective in mind – to give you a helping hand in achieving the goals that you have set for your credit.

Core Values
                                                                                   An overview of Pyramid’s core values.


Training of the credit repair specialists

Training programs together with screenings have been set up within the company to ensure that the experts are well equipped for the tasks that they need to perform. They also need to have worked in the finance field for more than three years. Most of them have previously brokered credit cards and some have been involved in the real estate business.

Pyramid Website
                               With 273 team member Pyramid are on the larger companies in the industry.

BBB ratings

The BBB agents do not have a good perception of the whole industry and this has influenced corporate not to file a profile with BBB. In comparison with other credit repair companies has not been entirely needed as online reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars have been enough to offer a good rating for the company.

All in all, given that the Pyramid works as a team, the efficiency with which they improve credit score is far much higher compared to what an individual can achieve. They provide a personalized approach that is worth every coin that you will part with.

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