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Lexington Law is one of the biggest and best credit repair companies dealing with credit repairs. They were established back in 1991, and they helped hundreds of thousands of people with their credit troubles. For example, they have removed over 7.3 million negative items from clients’ credit reports alone in 2014.

A company with a great track record and a very impressive reputation like Lexington Law has needed to be reviewed and tested. So, are they real, or are they fake and full of false promises? The Lexington Law reviews will give you the full picture of how they work and deal with issues from our personal view. Read it and decide if this is the credit repair company that you are looking for.

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The first thing we always test with credit repair companies is their customer service. That is why we reached out to them a couple of times via phone and email. Our experience was positive overall. Their representatives were direct and transparent with the answers to our questions. They gave us pretty accurate information. We compared the information we got on the phone and compared them to the ones on the company’s website. Everything was consistent, even though the representatives didn’t make sure that we understood everything.

Clients that do not understand how credit works can find additional education on finances and credit laws on Lexington Law’s website. There are 12 available topics, which is more than clients can find on other credit repair services. You can find everything from info on bad credit scores, clean credit reports, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and much more.

If that is not enough, our website offers a blog with more details. The blog is updated regularly and it has the information you need to choose the best credit repair service and keep track of your financial score.

Lexington Law Cost & Fees

If you choose to repair your bad credit with them, you have to pay $99.85 every month and this is called the Standard package. This is one of the biggest fees among these companies, but you do not pay a setup fee. Also, the service will pull your credit for you, without a third-party. Other companies charge a setup fee and the credit pull as well (CreditRepair.com also does not charge a setup fee).

The Premier package is a service plan aiming to do more than just address the credit reports. Apart from dealing with creditors and credit bureaus, Lexington Law offers benefits like identity theft insurance and monthly credit monitoring. The price for these services is $129.95 per month.

Signing up as a couple gets clients a $50 discount on the first month’s payment. With the monthly fee, you took care of all additional fees, the company will do everything for you, but they do not offer a money-back guarantee. These are the regular prices, but the fees may vary depending on the client’s situation.


Lexington Law Time Frame

Typically, credit repair programs at Lexington Law last for about four months. That is a couple of months less than what other companies offer. Of course, the time of the program depends on the number of items that the company has to dispute on your credit report. Lexington Law removes about 10 items from a credit report on average.

Different items on the credit report have different weighting on the credit scores. It is possible to remove 10 items from the credit score with a slight score increase. If the 10 items are heavy, you might get a higher credit score than average.

The total number of disputed items every month varies in proportion to the total number of disputes needed in the client’s case. The credit bureaus are obligated to respond to all disputes within 30 days after receiving them. Clients usually see positive changes within 45 days in this company.

Just in the year 2014, the firm has removed over 7 million negative items from clients’ credit reports. This gives the company a C rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Time frame

Lexington Law Program Details

When we talk about program details, they have more features than other credit repair companies. They will acquire your credit scores for you. The company works with the client’s creditors and the three credit bureaus at the same time. This increases the chances that the removed negative items will stay off the client’s credit reports for good.

The company can help remove credit history in areas like late payments, collections, debt settlements, liens, bankruptcy, charge off, judgments and many others.

Clients can expect monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection. That is excellent because both of those things lower the chances for those clients needing credit repair services in the future. They don’t pay for delete negotiations. This means that the company will not negotiate with the client’s creditors, enabling the client to pay off his debt and get negative items removed from the credit report.

Working with this company doesn’t require any contracts, so clients can decide to quit anytime they want without penalties.


  • Lexington Law keeps the third-party away by working directly with the creditors and the credit bureaus
  • The customer service and supplemental education programs are excellent


  • There is no money-back guarantee
  • Additional credit reports available at an additional cost


Compared to competitors, Lexington Law Firm has a credit repair service time that is lower than the average. Also, the company doesn’t charge a setup fee like others (see Sky Blue Credit). The monthly fee is a bit higher than with other companies and there is no money-back guarantee.

This company has one of the best and most informative supplemental education programs. Customers find their program very helpful because of the 12 topics available cover all of the angles on how credit works. The customer support is great. The response time is short and the representatives work hard to provide clients with accurate information on their credit reports.

They offer the best customer support, a full detailed education program on their website, and they deal with credit repair efficiently and quickly. This puts the company on the very top of the credit repair company list.

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